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Samsung Dex - The Ultimate Starter Kit for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Uncovering the next big thing from Samsung:

Samsung Dex

 Leave your computer behind.

An image of a Galaxy Note8 Black connected to a monitor via Samsung Dex Station.

Samsung DeX lets you connect your Galaxy S8/S8+, Note 8 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop experience powered by your phone.
So you can turn any place into a workplace.

 Image of using keyboard and mouse, in front of monitor and Galaxy S8 Black connected to Samsung DeX Station.

Yes, we've all heard a lot about the Samsung DeX - an amazing desktop experience on a big screen, with a full-sized keyboard and mouse. Of course, you'll have to get the monitor, keyboard, and mouse on your own. Does it work out well? Let's see how the Samsung DeX pans out in our review!


The usage of the Samsung DeX is easy - first, you'll need to plug the DeX into a Type-C adaptive fast-charge charger. This is really important as I've tried using my multi port fast-charge USB charger and it didn't work; possibly due to the inadequate supply of voltage. Nevertheless, it'll work with the charger you've purchased with the S8 or Note 8. Hooking up to any monitor is also fuss-free, hence you should not worry about compatibility issues.

The DeX starts up the desktop page within seconds, and the UI is as intuitive as surfing on any Google Chrome OS. With that, I am able to work in the comfort of my home with only my trusty Galaxy S8. 

There are a number of supported apps that work well with the DeX. E-mails, the Chrome browser, and even photo galleries load seamlessly without the slightest glitch. Toggling around the controls should not pose any problems for the typical Windows user (you can even "alt-tab" to switch between apps). Alternatively, a status bar on the bottom right corner of the screen does this function promptly.

Is the Samsung DeX for everyone?

The DeX hinders music buffs from enjoying their playlists via headphones since the audio jack is obstructed when the device is mounted. However, this is resolved through syncing up any wireless speakers for a full audio experience. Applications may not necessarily be optimized and it might pose as a slight inconvenience for users - an issue that Samsung will eventually rectify with future updates. It's a shame the Samsung Dex is currently exclusive to the Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8, but with a little faith and patience we believe this is only the tip of the iceberg.



For someone who spends a great deal of my time at home binge-watching movies and net-surfing, this is an absolute god-send. The ease-of-use is refreshing, and the DeX cuts down on clunky wares that occupy unnecessary space on my desk area. While I periodically check my mailbox, I noticed the time saved through quick replies: more time for me, more time for play.

The bonus is to have all my files on my S8 on the go, with access to them anytime, anywhere (provided the battery life doesn't go bust on you). This new addition to the Samsung family not only redefines how you organise your life (work or play), it liberates us from our current daily routines. Feel free to enquire on the DeX and other nifty Samsung products via our Facebook.


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