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Samsung Galaxy S8, The Talk Of The Town

Galaxy Launches leaks Samsung SamsungGalaxy

Here are the latest info we have gathered for the Samsung S8 and S8+

I am sure many of us are as excited for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 to be launched, however April seems to be a real long wait. Today we will be sharing what you would like expect for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in the coming months.  


One of the recent leaks show Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+ side by side with distinct size differentiation of the two devices. OH GOSH the s8 is one sexy beast i would sleep with every night.

Most of us know that the s8 will be coming in two variation sizes. The s8 will be a 5.8" (84.4%) device while the s8 Plus clocks in at 6.2" (88.6% screen to body ratio). If you compare the s7 edge to s8, s8 actually beat the s7 edge hands down in terms of body ergonomics. We are looking at a thinner, lighter and smaller device YET WITH A BIGGER SCREEN. How is that even possible? I don't know but we'll have to wait till the launch event before we can reveal more to you guys.

We chanced upon a video clip which has a quick glance of the alleged S8 leak which pretty much tallies with the various leaks that had been circulating on the net.



There have been many information around the net about the S8 but here we bring you the two clearest visual of the S8 we can find.

Evan Blass from Twitter

A korean website has created its own image showing detailed designs of the s8 which very well lines up with the so-called leaks on the Internet. 

Release date, price and availability

Everyone would probably want to know when the Galaxy S8 will be arriving and it's price.

We have not heard any news from Samsung therefore we do not know of the exact dates but we are pretty sure they will be out around late April/ early May based on the many rumors you can easily find on the net. Price wise we should be looking at a high price tag that comes along with the device. After all generally all flagship models from Samsung don't come cheap but nevertheless we'll look forward when we have more information about it.


For spec geeks like myself, the key detail of the S8/S8+ we are most concerned at is its specifications.

There are no confirmed details of which processor the S8 will be coming with but there are rumors that are driving us to believe it's either the two.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor 

Packed with the Snapdragon 835 the S8 will be consuming lesser power compared to S7.


Exynos 9810 Processor

Reports show that it's a really powerful chip. Manufactured on a 10nm FinFET process, it is packed with two sets of four cores (Total EIGHT CORES).  Four of samsung's most power efficient 2.5GHz Mongoose M2 cores and four of ARM's 1.7GHz Cortex A53 cores.

There's a plus point to this processor chip as well, it boasts ARM's new Mali-G71 GPU which is twice the power compared to its predecessor Mali-T880 which can be found on the Galaxy S7. This chip will allow high end 4K digital display and VR experience and it's paired with a networking chip that supports speeds up to 1Gbps. SAY WHAT??!! OMG SERIOUSLY??!! 

Yeah we are damn right serious about it and with this chip inside the S8 you will be laughing away at your friend's phone's processing power if they are not owning a S8. 


For the serious photographer, good news Samsung has seen to be putting serious improvement into their camera. One of the main highlights from ETNews in South Korea was to be the first samsung phone to feature an auto-focus function for its secondary (selfie) camera.

There are tip from Weibo, the phone will feature 12MP + 13MP rear facing camera, which ties into the trend for dual camera setups as seen on Huawei P10, Mate 9, LG G6 and Apple Iphone 7 Plus. However this tip remains to be a mystery as based on the many leaks we've seen it shows to feature a single lens rather than dual lens.


Samsung S8 will definitely be a device to rock the smartphone market this year. With multiple innovation breakthrough it deserves the spotlight many are eyeing on.

We are as desperate as everyone are. Stay with us as we bring you the latest official news of the Samsung S8 and S8+. Along with their official release dates and prices.


For customers whom are eligible to re-contract and are considering a Samsung device, our advice? HOLD YOUR GUNS! Official information will be release on 29 March when Samsung has it's official launch for the Samsung S8.

Customers who are dying to get their hands onto the Samsung S8 you can pre-order with us when the official statements are out. We will be keeping you updated with the news when we are open for pre-orders.

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