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Recontracting your Starhub Mobile Plan? | Same Price BETTER Deal | More than $100 worth of Premiums Giveaway

Pay the Same Price and get more with US! 

Planning for a re-contract with StarHub this weekend? Check out our outlets' Grand Opening Sales and Roadshow these coming weeks!

  • West Mall Grand Opening Sales (27 May 2017 - 02 June 2017)
  • Jurong Point Roadshow (29 May 2017 - 04 June 2017) Outside McDonald's
  • Jurong Point Grand Opening Sales (05 June 2017 - 11 June 2017)

Sussing out the greatest deals from Samsung, OPPO, Sony and LG with up to $150 worth of premiums giveaway with any re-contract or non-contract purchase of the selected phone models.


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Join the ranks of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: 11 Reasons why you should totally play it

Game Review

Mobile Legends is the latest game to be ranked 2nd top grossing app in Apple App Store, as well as Android Google Play.


You will find fans playing this game everywhere from buses to cafes and local late-night hangouts such as Prata houses (the Indian pancake of sorts) or the ever-familiar McDonalds. So what makes this game so popular? Our staff gives us 11 reasons not to miss this 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) app:

1. Did you say anyone?

It’s so simple anyone can easily pick up in 5...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Price Plan

Galaxy Launches Samsung SamsungGalaxy StarHub

Samsung Price Plan StarHub

4G Plans 4G 3 4G 4 4G 5 4G 6 4G 12
Monthly subscription
(2-year plan)
$42.90 $62.90 $82.90 $102.90 $220
Galaxy S8 64GB $759 $399 $249 $129 $0
Galaxy S8+ 64GB $889 $549 $399 $279 $99


*Prices quoted are accurate at time of publish. All prevailing terms and conditions apply.

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Cessation of 2G Services Consumer FAQ


cessation of 2G services StarHub

From 1 April 2017, all of Singapore’s mobile operators (including StarHub) will no longer provide 2G mobile services. This means that you will not be able to use voice, SMS and data services if you are on a 2G-only handset.

If you’re already on a 3G/4G handset, you will not be affected. The closure of the 2G network will free up the wireless spectrum, giving mobile operators more bandwidth to provide customers with better 3G/4G services and connectivity islandwide.

If you’re currently on a 2G-only handset, please switch to a 3G/4G handset by...

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Samsung Galaxy S8, The Talk Of The Town

Galaxy Launches leaks Samsung SamsungGalaxy

Here are the latest info we have gathered for the Samsung S8 and S8+

I am sure many of us are as excited for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 to be launched, however April seems to be a real long wait. Today we will be sharing what you would like expect for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in the coming months.  


One of the recent leaks show Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+ side by side with distinct size differentiation of the two devices. OH GOSH the s8 is one sexy...

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