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Cessation of 2G Services Consumer FAQ


cessation of 2G services StarHub

From 1 April 2017, all of Singapore’s mobile operators (including StarHub) will no longer provide 2G mobile services. This means that you will not be able to use voice, SMS and data services if you are on a 2G-only handset.

If you’re already on a 3G/4G handset, you will not be affected. The closure of the 2G network will free up the wireless spectrum, giving mobile operators more bandwidth to provide customers with better 3G/4G services and connectivity islandwide.

If you’re currently on a 2G-only handset, please switch to a 3G/4G handset by 31 March 2017 to prevent any disruptions to your everyday mobile use. 

Postpaid and Prepaid Mobile

If you're using a 2G handset/device, you'll no longer be able to log on to our 2G network to make/receive calls, text and access data services from 1 April 2017. To prevent disruptions to your everyday mobile use, you'll have to switch to a 3G or 4G handset/device, by 31 March 2017.

With ever-increasing improvements to the 3G/4G network in Singapore, now's the best time to upgrade. You can enjoy a higher quality 3G/4G mobile experience, thanks to smoother, more consistent connections and faster data speeds for everyday surfing and sharing. So hurry, check out our offers now!

Notice: New prepaid SIM Cards activated from 15 November 2016 onwards will only be able to connect to 3G/4G network. Mobile users with prepaid SIM cards activated on or after 15 November 2016 will not be able to use it on any 2G-only handset/device or 2G-only SIM slot on dual-SIM phone.

For more queries, please visit our Comms Equipments Outlets.


  • All SIM Cards are compatible with 3G/4G network. However, some newer 3G/4G handsets may require a different SIM card size. Hence, please check if your SIM Card fits your new 3G/4G handset. If your current SIM Card does not fit, a SIM Card change will be required.

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