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Introducing Samsung Rewards with Samsung Pay

What's Samsung Rewards? 

Samsung smartphone users are in for a treat because you can earn points as you pay with Samsung Pay. Yes, these don't override any credit card promotional rebates your banks may offer. 

What's the big deal with the Samsung Rewards many may ask? Well, you can earn rewards points every time you use Samsung Pay and redeems gifts such as $5 Grab Vouchers, $5 Dairy Farm Vouchers, Original Samsung accessories and more.

Excited already aren't you? Well, the great point about Samsung Pay is you can earn points for every transaction without any minimum spending, therefore if you can find something for $0.10 that will be 10 points for you! The points earned from every transaction will increase based on your level ranking in the system.

There are 3 levels in the rewards system (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)

When you are at the Bronze tier, you'll earn 10 points per transaction, while Silver clocks 20 points and lastly Gold for 30 points per transaction.

You'll have to make 10 transactions to upgrade your profile to Silver level and 30 transactions to Gold.

What are you waiting for? Start paying with Samsung Pay today and redeem for your free Samsung Original Wireless Charging Stand!

*Prevailing terms and conditions apply. Samsung reserves the right to amend and withdraw any offers with no prior notice.

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