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Join the ranks of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: 11 Reasons why you should totally play it

Game Review

Mobile Legends is the latest game to be ranked 2nd top grossing app in Apple App Store, as well as Android Google Play.


You will find fans playing this game everywhere from buses to cafes and local late-night hangouts such as Prata houses (the Indian pancake of sorts) or the ever-familiar McDonalds. So what makes this game so popular? Our staff gives us 11 reasons not to miss this 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) app:

1. Did you say anyone?

It’s so simple anyone can easily pick up in 5 minutes.
Guided game FAQ and walk-through readily available at start for the clueless.

2. It's mobile

Armed with a trusty mobile signal to connect to your friends anytime anywhere, you no longer have to suffer the pain of playing your favourite MOBA game with a clunky laptop.

3. Play with your mates

Hang out with 5 homies and GAME ON!

4. Take a short break

Yes, you are no longer tied to hour long game-plays - simply enjoy a short game from as little as 10 minutes.

5. Connect globally

Engage new friends around the world and play hard whenever wherever.

6. Up for the challenge?

Join the rat-race of chasing the ranks. Play more and play wise to up your game rank from Warrior to Legend. Just like most DOTA game-plays, a higher ranked you is less likely to match up with a NOOB. Yes, no more pesky noobs to ruin your chances of victory!

7. Game analysis to improve performance

In Mobile Legends, you are awarded medals, game scores based on your achievements. After each match, you can assess your match performance and game history, as well as overall game-info based on total matches played, win-rates and even your overall game score.


8. A wide selection of heroes

Get spoilt for choice from playable 34 heroes. From tanks, Mages, Marksmen, Fighters, Support and Assassins, pick your favourites and pair them up with the desired skins to kick-start.
(Mobile Legends: Bang Bang updates are pretty frequent, therefore you will see new happenings every month.) 


9. Different modes of game-play

From Brawl, Match-Up and Rank Modes, there are plenty of choices for the hardcore gamers.

10. Pimp your favourite heroes into BAD-ASS characters

New skins, heroes and events: there is always something new to look forward every month for the eSports athlete in you.



11. Your BAE would already be playing it .

Fight along your boo in the quest to be a legend and you'll find yourself having an epic time of your life with him/her.

Still not convinced? Download for free on any Apple iOS or Android device and give it a go. 

 Your quest to be a LEGEND starts here:


Android Playstore

Apple App Store

Contributing Writer: Jack Ong

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